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3 Easy Ways You Can Effectively Market Your Email Newsletter


Over the last few years, you’ve undoubtedly heard a lot about the significance of social media marketing, mobile marketing, and the like. The interest in e-mail newsletters has waned.

Many marketers are of the opinion that email newsletter marketing is a thing of the past, and that it “just isn’t relevant anymore.” However, while social media has its glamour and more easily quantifiable returns, email newsletters still find steady use as a credible source of information and curated news.

Don’t be fooled into thinking otherwise; the e-mail newsletter is definitely still relevant today. It just needs to be effective at converting leads and helping your brand stay fresh in clients’ minds.

Here are a couple of simple newsletter marketing ideas to help your emailer do just this.

A Focused Newsletter Is A Good Newsletter

Too many newsletters with great individual pieces of content go completely unnoticed. This is because they are unfocused and give out a single impression: clutter. New product info rubs shoulders with unconnected PR stores, and the end result is messy and lacks clarity.

This perceived randomness can be easily avoided. The simplest solution is keeping each email focused on a single topic. Instead of sending out a newsletter bulging with seemingly unrelated information, send clients separate emails that are focused, concise, and devoid of clutter.

On a related note, stick to one prominent CTA (Call To Action). You can include more than one, but make one the predominant CTA, and make the secondary CTAs optional if-you-have-time choices.

Never, Ever Get Too Salesy

Your clients don’t need to be bombarded with new product announcements every single day. Being seen as a needy business that’s constantly demanding that consumers ”buy this” or “check this sale out” all the time isn’t good for your brand.

Consumers get turned off by such heavy-handed marketing tactics.

It’s a good idea to keep your newsletter content 90% informational and only 10% promotional.

Make Your Site’s ‘Subscribe’ Page Clear

After you’ve established the nature of your newsletter’s content, it’s a good idea to show potential subscribers what they’re getting into. Be clear and specific, and tell them what goes into your newsletter, and how often they can expect it.

You could take a leaf out of Smart Brief’s book, and offer a customizable newsletter right from the ‘subscribe’ landing page.

These simple methods are great for increasing your newsletter’s efficiency, and at Infinity Intellectuals, we have a host of services that can help boost your lead conversion rates.