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3 Simple Email Marketing Tips For Holidays And Weekends

marketing tips for holidays

With the festive season knocking on the door, it’s time that you start preparing your holiday emails, if you’ve not already started sending them. Here are few email marketing tips for holidays and weekends.

According to research findings, buyers tend to spend more on shopping during the holidays. Use the following tips to make most out of your email marketing strategy this holiday season:

Deck The Subject Line of Email With A Holiday Message

Subject lines are really important to emails.

Most subscribers decide whether to open the email or not based on the subject line it has. You can expect all your competitors to send holidays emails as well, making email volumes increasing exponentially. In order to stand out, subject lines need to able catch your customers’ fancy.

Here are some subject lines that you can use:

  • Tell your readers what exactly constitutes the email. Is there a deal in there? What kind of deal is it? How long will the deal be available?
  • You can also use a question to intrigue the recipient.
  • Use holiday traditions in your subject line to entice subscribers to open your email.
  • If a sale is about to end, you can base the subject line on it—“sale ends in 24 hours” and ‘few hours left’ are great ways to start.

Offers Deals And Discounts in Emails

One of the most effective email marketing tips is to offer discounts.

It’s harder to resist discounts during the festive season, and your customers won’t likely pass up a deal, especially if it’s a good one. Product discounts, cash back, and free shipping top the list as far as promotions are concerned.

Too Many Mails Can Be Bad For Business

Sending too many promotional emails is a strict no-no.

Subscribers tend to get irritated, and emails simply get lost in their inboxes or (worse) deleted. Instead, send emails with ideas on how to celebrate the upcoming festival, or other interesting writeups—just make sure these are connected to your brand.

Make use of these email marketing tips for holidays and weekends to spruce up your sales and revenues. Infinity Intellectuals Inc. has much more such ideas to help you reach your business goals.