infinity intellectuals

B2B Market Research

Grow your business and expand your customer-base by using Infinity Intellectual database of 40 Million US Businesses. Our expert Business Development Executives can help you identify the best leads available for your products and services. Let them help you find your best target market by using any number of the list filters that are available to you. When it comes to putting together a successful sales strategy the potential lies in its foundation; a foundation built on quality sales leads. To help generate quality leads, it’s imperative to start out with a highly targeted list. Infinity Intellectual has many data fields so that when you order a business list or consumer list, you and your sales team hit the ground running.

Infinity Intellectual houses database of 40 Million US Businesses and 120 Million US Consumers, and we use this comprehensive information to help you grow your business and expand your customer base. Infinity Intellectual provides comprehensive business matching, business lists (B2B lists), B2B prospecting and B2B lead generation capabilities. With this variety of business information, you can define and target your email marketing, direct
mail, telemarketing and direct sales efforts. You can target key executives from any industries like, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Finance, Engineering, Small- to Medium-Sized Businesses, Information Technology, Marketing & Advertising etc and we will build the list according to your target industry.

We have B2B database across US, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, Asia Pacific, and Middle East across all industry verticals and for varied Decision making titles like C-Level Executives, V-Level Executives, Managers, Directors and other business titles.

Infinity Intellectual B2B mailing lists provides businesses with accurate and affordable leads that are continually updated. Our targeted business lists will help you increase your customer base therefore increasing your sales. Our database is Highly Targeted and comes with complete contact information with opt-in email lists with 80% guaranteed deliverability on emails. Reach Top Level Decision Makers from our 40 Million influential and Purchase Decision making Executives at nearly 1 Million + companies. Using our Lists you can:

  • Target New Businesses, or well established Businesses
  • Market to Executives such as C-Level, V-Level, Managers, Directors etc
  • Reach people across all industry verticals
  • Market your offers to Brand New Businesses
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