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Building a community chain through Community Marketing

Community marketing engages the existing customers in an active conversation. It focuses on the needs of the loyal customers and makes an effort to stay connected with them by building a community chain. The connection takes place between customers and the company with the customers. This improves the product operation. At Infinity Intellectuals, we offer our suggestions based on your brand history as to how to create more interest in your customer base and expand your business.
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Wearable Technologies

Wearable Technologies and Digital Marketing

Advanced electronic technologies embedded into the wearable – that is the basic idea behind the wearable technologies. Wearable Technologies are about incorporating the digital age’s new inventions for daily use that can be bets achieved through wearable. It performs practical functions and boasts unique features. Software and sensors enable objects to exchange data with a manufacturer without the need for human intervention. In a 2014 study connected by Forbes, it was found that 71% of 16-24 years group wants wearable

linkedin marketing

Linkedin Marketing Strategies

It is important to understand what Linkedin marketing can actually do for your business. Once you understand that, frame the clear questions and figure out the answers of it pertaining to your business.
LinkedIn Company Page
The message that you want to send should be clearly told the content marketing. Your objective should be at the center of your LinkedIn Company Page and talks about it throughout.
If your focus is on lead generation, you need to include calls to


Digital Business Transformation a foundation of Digital Technology

Digital technology has always created an impact on business and overall world communication. But in the recent years, the changes are taking place at rapid speed and there is hardly any doubt that digital development are making its way and the influence is prominent. And this true for almost every kind of business, especially that has completion and does not have a monopoly in the market.
Digital business transformation process has already caused an enormous amount of changes for many


What is Subscription Marketing?

Subscription can definitely boost your business. It is a business model where customers need to pay a subscription price to have the access of a product/service. Pioneered by the print medium of newspapers and magazines, now this idea is widely used in digital marketing. It builds brand loyalty and allows the recurring sale.
Keep the focus on your people
Have a careful look at how many customers you can reach and retain. The business runs because of the customers and


Mobile is a Revolutionary Medium for Marketing

Mobile is a Revolutionary Medium for Marketing
Mobile marketing is all about paving the way to communicate with the customer base with the help of a mobile or cellular phone. It can either be used to launch a simple marketing message, enable people to visit mobile websites or introduce people to new campaigns that are based on the participation rate of the audience. Mobile marketing is a streamlined version of the traditional e-marketing.
Some of the tools and strategies of


All about App Store Optimization (ASO)

App Store Optimization (ASO) in simple word
The process to optimize mobile apps so that it ranks higher in an app store’s search result is called App Store Optimization (ASO). The higher the app ranks in an app store’s search results; it would be more visible to the potential customers. The high visibility of the apps tends to provide more traffic to the app’s page.
The goal of App Store Optimization (ASO)
The idea is to ensure that your app

twitter online selling

Use of Twitter for Online Selling

Using Twitter is easy and fun and that becomes more so if you are online selling. Twitter can be used in order to achieve a number of things publicly to inform about your products and services.  This is how the opportunities get converted into cash and you get new customers. Twitter is one of the biggest social networks through which millions of people find a common ground, converse, discuss major events and issues. People also conduct business using the website and


How to Start Building a Great Team at Workplace?

To develop a company into a successful company, you need to have a strong team. The commonality between every successful team irrespective of the industry type is the combination of effective, efficient, and affirmative people.
The foundation of a strong team is based on the principles of honing the strengths of your team members, constant teamwork, correct designations, and keeping a track of the results. Individuals tend to flourish as they develop their strengths to build team relationships.
The team leader is


What is Integrated Marketing Communications?

What is Integrated Marketing Communications?
It is the process of ensuring that consistent brand messaging throughout the traditional and new age marketing forum. More effective marketing programs and securing maximum ROI are the main criteria of Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC). The link of the messages should be done in sync.
The marketing integration system needs to work together, collect, and share relevant data across the various departments of marketing. Vertical integration means marketing and communication that supports the hierarchy and