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What is Online Display Advertising?

What is Online Display Advertising?
Since the first online advertisement in 1994, display advertising has come a long way. It includes various formats and contains text, flash, images, audio and video. The main purpose of display advertising is to bring regular advertisements and brand messages to the site visitors.
Social media like Facebook and Twitter, desktop display, and mobile ads are some form of the online display advertising. With the easy access to online content to a larger section of


Facts and Trends of Contextual Advertising

Facts and Trends of Contextual Advertising
Contextual advertising is targeted advertising that mostly appears on a web banner or as pop-up ads on websites. This is a system that targets advertising to specific users based on the keywords, on the website’s page that the browser is visiting. Search engine advertising is also a form of contextual advertising and that is because the ads that appear is the result of the keywords that the searcher uses. Revenue only gets generated when


What is an advertising campaign?

What is an advertising campaign?
Advertising campaigns are about creating themes for marketing of a particular product. The theme needs the same while catering a series of campaigns in different forms of media. The theme gets created in the beginning by the creative team with the help of company’s vision towards the product and market research. This process is called Integrated Marketing Communication. While creating an advertising campaign, the team needs to take into account some of the basic and


How to Boost your Social Media Traffic?

How to Boost your Social Media Traffic?
Social media is among the top mediums to bring you traffic and thereby making your brand popular. Especially to market blogs, social media traffic becomes more important than the search engine and direct traffic. However, many bloggers view it as over-rated media and completely effective.
Now let us tell you the truth – the traffic ratio that you manage to get from the social media is directly proportional to the engagement level

media types

Role of different media types in advertising

Advertising is the concept to get the mass excited about product/service and compel them to purchase it. We can segregate various advertising medium into traditional and new age marketing strategies.
The traditional modes of advertising are outdoor advertising, radio advertising, window display, newspapers and magazine ads, Television commercials, exhibitions, etc. Print, radio, and broadcasting mostly come in the category of traditional forms of advertising. The new age advertising includes Google ads, Youtube ads, e-mail marketing, call to action ads, etc.


Corporate Branding Create a Strong Co-relation with Human

Corporate Branding’s Strong Correlation with Human
Corporate branding is the practice of promoting your brand entity. And please do not mistake it to be only about the company logo, the products/services, the advertising messages, and the huge investment of money. It is much broader concept than that and one step ahead of the product branding. Corporate branding affects multiple stakeholders that comprise of employees and investors. It causes impact to the areas of evaluation of products/services, corporate identity, sponsorship etc.

product branding

What is Product Branding?

What is Product Branding?
Branding is more than your company logo, the products/services that you provide, the messages that you send to your customers, investing a huge amount of money, and many other aspects as we mostly think of. Branding has a strong co-relation with human emotions that is abstract and intangible. You cannot measure, judge or put a number against it. Good and effective way to carry out the product branding tactics includes very basic but genuine human aspects.


Marketing strategies that can maximize sales by receiving high ROI

Marketing strategies, Maximize sales, high ROI
A good online marketing plan is to ensure maximum audience reach in a most striking way that can be achieved with cost effective campaigns. The marketing strategies that can maximize the sales potential by receiving high ROI is called effective. This also adds value to your brand. The idea is to connect with the audience through the various mode of online communication. For every budding online marketer, it is important to understand the strategic


Why content marketing might fail for your business?

Why Content Marketing Might fail for your business?
A large section of business is doing content marketing, but the sad fact is that a very low percentage of companies are actually getting benefitted with its implication. And when I say business I mean both B2B and B2C process followers. Just because in digital marketing content is considered popular it does not mean that improper method of applying content will bring you any form of profit.
Let us understand the three


Ways to build a spirited, convincing, and focused brand

Build a spirited, convincing, and focused brand
The essentials:
Branding is essential as it defines your business for your internal team and the audience. At Infinity Intellectuals, we help you to establish this strong foothold in your industry. Branding creates the identity of your business and forms the core values that it holds. Beliefs, values, and purposes define any brand just like it defines an individual. You should be able to portray the core reason or the driving force of