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Bring Back Inactive Customers With Re-engagement Email Campaigns

customer re-engagement

Experts have estimated that almost 25% of your email list is likely to depreciate every year. This rate is calculated using factors like customer’s loss of interest, change in email address, or them unsubscribing from your emails.

You don’t have to take this in as a death sentence, though. More and more companies are taking this up as a challenge, and actively participating in re-engagement email campaigns to retain and grow their customer base.

In a customer re-engagement campaign, you design emails specifically for inactive users, and use trigger words to bring them back into the marketing communications flow.


There’s a fine line between being consistent with your emails to your customers, and bombarding them spam they don’t like receiving. Before you dispatch your email, do a quick scan of the contact list—see which customer is bound to engage in communication, based on their history of interaction.

Keep tabs on your customers’ habits.

Did your customer become inactive after you started mailing them a bit too much? If yes, you should reduce the frequency of your emails, so that they don’t end up going into the spam folder or lead to unsubscription. Only forward the best-performing email; this increases the likelihood of your customers actually reading and reacting to it.


Segmenting your clients according to their level of engagement is an effective way to build your email re-engagement strategy. Categorize your recipient list from most engaged to least engaged; this helps you tune your email frequency just right. Use consumer behavior data to configure emails according to their preferences.

Include your offers, vouchers, and newsletters with your emails so you can retain customer attention. Including embedded links that lead to your products can help encourage on-site interaction.

You can also engage in feedback surveys with your customers to see if your email campaign lacks a certain something, and work on it.


Develop content for both desktop and mobile websites. There’s been an exponential growth in marketing through mobile applications and the web. You can increase your readership significantly if you modify your content to suit the small screen.

Tread the line carefully, though; sending emails too frequently can irritate users, who keep seeing a number of continuous emails from the same sender.

Monitor these strategies to see how effectively they help you to re-engage your customers, and fine-tune them to fit your products and target consumers. If you find this a daunting task, you can hire a team of experts to handle your digital marketing. Companies like Infinity Intellectual Inc can help you understand digital marketing better, and effectively increase your customer base.