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Building a community chain through Community Marketing


Community marketing engages the existing customers in an active conversation. It focuses on the needs of the loyal customers and makes an effort to stay connected with them by building a community chain. The connection takes place between customers and the company with the customers. This improves the product operation. At Infinity Intellectuals, we offer our suggestions based on your brand history as to how to create more interest in your customer base and expand your business.

There are 2 types of community marketing

  • Organic/natural marketing that takes place without the assistance of the company
  • Sponsored community marketing is promoted by the company through investments in the local community

Natural communication that revolves around the product/service of your brand leads to continuous success. Identification of the customers’ need and develop changes according to that are one of the major goals of this form of marketing. This reduces the communication barrier and the company can easily introduce messages to customers regarding new products, PR ideas, and strategies.

Identify, Engage, and Provide leverage

These factors promote new ideas of your brand and thereby gain mass appeal and revenue. In this form of marketing both customers and brands get benefited as it more than selling products, it is also about connecting with the customers at a personal level and gaining their loyalty over the period of time. Here word of mouth plays an important role in the overall marketing strategy.

Community Marketing Costs Less

When you are already staying connected with your community, then you spend much less on the market research. There is an enormous amount that gets spent on the research and planning accordingly. The existence of a healthy community helps to reduce the research amount. It is knowing your customers’ likes and dislikes and developing the changes or not making changes according to that. When you know your target audience and they are actively being a part of your brand through community marketing, it always helps you to market your product/service as per that. The openness, transparency, and the earnest commitment to the customers pave the way to long-term success for the companies.

The Big Brands

Nike, Google, Sony, ORACLE, Starbucks, and Harley Davidson are some of the global names that followed community marketing has clearly given them an edge over the competitors. The idea is to connect with your customer emotionally and build your brand along with them. Your customers are the reason you exist and this form of marketing is maintained that.


It is the most effective way to maintain individuality. All the big names mentioned above are built through low-cost marketing. Authenticity and innovation lead to natural reinvention because change is needed in order to survive in the market. The lasting bonds with the customers always help to stay connected with the market and expand your horizon.