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Informatation based Ads – Native Advertising

Native advertising is commonly informative based ads. The brands pay for the placement of content on platforms that is other than their media. This form of advertising manifests both written articles and videos to promote a product. But this has to happen while matching the form and style of other media. This is usually online and the idea of the word ‘native’ suggests the commonality of the ad content with the other media that appears on the platform.
The modern

Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic Advertising – Efficient form of advertising

A new age has offered mankind with many innovative ways to expand and establish better communication along with profit level and lifestyle. New technologies, tools, and platforms are changing the face of the digital media. The online advertising has received a fresh lease of life due to programmatic advertising. It is basically the use of software to purchase digital advertising by using machines and not human labor.
It is an efficient form of advertising. Before the launch of programmatic advertising,


All about App Store Optimization (ASO)

App Store Optimization (ASO) in simple word
The process to optimize mobile apps so that it ranks higher in an app store’s search result is called App Store Optimization (ASO). The higher the app ranks in an app store’s search results; it would be more visible to the potential customers. The high visibility of the apps tends to provide more traffic to the app’s page.
The goal of App Store Optimization (ASO)
The idea is to ensure that your app


What is Online Display Advertising?

What is Online Display Advertising?
Since the first online advertisement in 1994, display advertising has come a long way. It includes various formats and contains text, flash, images, audio and video. The main purpose of display advertising is to bring regular advertisements and brand messages to the site visitors.
Social media like Facebook and Twitter, desktop display, and mobile ads are some form of the online display advertising. With the easy access to online content to a larger section of


Facts and Trends of Contextual Advertising

Facts and Trends of Contextual Advertising
Contextual advertising is targeted advertising that mostly appears on a web banner or as pop-up ads on websites. This is a system that targets advertising to specific users based on the keywords, on the website’s page that the browser is visiting. Search engine advertising is also a form of contextual advertising and that is because the ads that appear is the result of the keywords that the searcher uses. Revenue only gets generated when


What is an advertising campaign?

What is an advertising campaign?
Advertising campaigns are about creating themes for marketing of a particular product. The theme needs the same while catering a series of campaigns in different forms of media. The theme gets created in the beginning by the creative team with the help of company’s vision towards the product and market research. This process is called Integrated Marketing Communication. While creating an advertising campaign, the team needs to take into account some of the basic and

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Recent Trends to Boost Your Business deals

Recent Trends to Boost Your Business deals
The field of digital marketing is quite unpredictable and concept that encompasses many areas of marketing. To be crowned as a successful digital marketing company, you need to stay updated keep and incorporate the necessary changes to ensure the effective result of your business. The trends keep on changing from within a short span of time, especially with the implementation of new tools and technologies added to it.
There are more to digital

Why companies are spending so much on marketing analytics

Why companies are spending so much on marketing analytics
The report says that both B2B and B2C companies are going to spend 73% to 100% on marketing analytics over the next three years. There are various tools of marketing analytics that includes Ad effectiveness, CRO, SEO/SEM analytics, Big Data, and Ecommerce analytics. The companies are spending over 1/3rd of their budget on analytics for capturing, processing, and leveraging the customer data.
It is a crucial area for any marketing genre,

online marketing matters

Why online marketing matters?

Why online marketing matters?
Today the world revolves around digital services that new technology has to offer and that is why it is called the world of digital things. To put simply, we cannot imagine our life anymore without online activities that we perform every day. From banking to shopping, from health services to education, every single aspect of our life are highly dependent on the internet. Therefore, we should analyze why this so-called online marketing really matters so much.


The Globe of Content Marketing: Pros & Cons

The content marketing strategy is a whole new ball game in today’s time. Content has always played a major role in any form of advertising and in today’s digital world it just got bigger and immensely important for any kind of marketing campaign. But it has its own positive and negative traits and, therefore it is important to know the pros and cons of the content marketing which are as follows:
The Globe of Content Marketing Pros & Cons