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Content Led Communications Engagement Ideas

Content has been ruling the communication industry and when it comes to digital communications, relevant and informative content has proved to be very important. Content marketing has been topping the priority list of strategies to enhance the communication experience. The year 2016 is no different; in fact, the importance of content has gone one step ahead.
Good content with simplified videos and other channels are becoming more and more popular. Content is called copy work in advertising and in today’s


Why content marketing might fail for your business?

Why Content Marketing Might fail for your business?
A large section of business is doing content marketing, but the sad fact is that a very low percentage of companies are actually getting benefitted with its implication. And when I say business I mean both B2B and B2C process followers. Just because in digital marketing content is considered popular it does not mean that improper method of applying content will bring you any form of profit.
Let us understand the three


The Globe of Content Marketing: Pros & Cons

The content marketing strategy is a whole new ball game in today’s time. Content has always played a major role in any form of advertising and in today’s digital world it just got bigger and immensely important for any kind of marketing campaign. But it has its own positive and negative traits and, therefore it is important to know the pros and cons of the content marketing which are as follows:
The Globe of Content Marketing Pros & Cons

Content-marketing scale

How to design your content marketing at scale

How to design your content marketing at scale?
Content marketing is an integral part of any media house and the same it applicable for digital marketing companies. Today we will be talking about how to scale content marketing based on your industry type. A few guidelines remain the same for every industry, but this blog is about the importance of content marketing and the co-ordination of the entire digital marketing team to understand that.
It is effective, less costly than