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4 Mail Marketing Campaigns To Boost Sales

The power of email marketing is well known—it can drive up sales exponentially, and take your revenues to a whole new level. eCommerce Mail Marketing Campaigns are known to render immediate results, as people ‘click through’ them and make purchases on your site.
eCommerce email marketing has incredible power provided it is designed and implemented properly. Let’s take a look at 5 powerful Mail Marketing Campaigns that can be used by eCommerce businesses, whether big or small:
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marketing tips for holidays

3 Simple Email Marketing Tips For Holidays And Weekends

With the festive season knocking on the door, it’s time that you start preparing your holiday emails, if you’ve not already started sending them. Here are few email marketing tips for holidays and weekends.
According to research findings, buyers tend to spend more on shopping during the holidays. Use the following tips to make most out of your email marketing strategy this holiday season:
Deck The Subject Line of Email With A Holiday Message
Subject lines are really important to

inbound mail marketing statergy

Inbound Marketing Email Strategy Surefire Way To Attract

Finding a way to lure audiences to your services without coming off as salesy or bothersome may seem beyond impossible, especially given the cutthroat competition of today’s market.
With the advent of new technologies and techniques, a number of service providers have taken to digital marketing as a means of promoting an organisation/brand.
Inbound Marketing
This is a marketing strategy that helps draw potential clients to your organisation. You won’t have to take great efforts for promotions, nor will you

email designing

4 Tips That’ll Help You Create Beautiful Email Designs

If you think email marketing is dead, then you’re mistaken—there’s no two ways about it. The number of email users is increasing every day. Whether you prefer it or not, you have to admit that email is a cost-effective business marketing tool that offers great results.
However, it’s really important to make use of creative email design ideas to leverage the success email marketing offers. Use the following tips to create unique and beautiful email designs:
1.Use Colours
Bright colours

trigger based marketing

Extend Effective Reach In Business With Trigger Based Email Marketing

Email marketing is a trendy and effective online marketing tool that involves sending commercial messages via email to current or potential customers. Trigger-based email marketing is a more personalised version of email marketing where messages are sent out with the aim of making a customer feel more valued. Extend your business reach effectively with trigger based email marketing.
There is a popular English proverb—‘strike the iron when it’s hot’, and that is exactly what trigger-based email marketing does. These emails are

Recreative marketing

Re-Creative Email Marketing Tactics

Most of us get more emails than we can count. Maybe you have an email ID where most of your inbox is left unread. Some emails are easy to ignore. They don’t grab your attention in any way, making you think that they probably won’t add any value to your life.
But what about the emails that you do read? There’s something about them that made you click and read them.
Personalising Emails
You’ve probably received an email with the

customer re-engagement

Bring Back Inactive Customers With Re-engagement Email Campaigns

Experts have estimated that almost 25% of your email list is likely to depreciate every year. This rate is calculated using factors like customer’s loss of interest, change in email address, or them unsubscribing from your emails.
You don’t have to take this in as a death sentence, though. More and more companies are taking this up as a challenge, and actively participating in re-engagement email campaigns to retain and grow their customer base.
In a customer re-engagement campaign, you

social media and email marketing

Multichannel Engagement 101 — Email And Social Media

Multichannel engagement is the strategy of staying connected with your clients through multiple digital platforms like social media, messaging, email, and EDMs. With the rise of so many platforms though, it can be difficult to make your presence felt in each.
Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and Youtube all come with their own challenges and perks. Apart from these, the relatively older option of email marketing refuses to fall back; this is still considered one of the


Game-Changing Promotions Through Premium Email Marketing

Your enterprise can be marketed in many ways—door-to-door, print, radio, video, audio, and email. The email marketing campaign has been around for a while, but has retained its reach and effectiveness as a marketing medium. It’s widely used by businesses to advertise their offerings to consumers. The benefit lies in the fact that you can reach out to your customers in a non-intrusive way, irrespective of their location.
Email marketing campaigns let you speak directly to consumers about your

leads generation marketing

How To Generate Leads Through Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways of popularising your brand and generating leads. Although social media has certain advantages over emails, the latter is still quite popular and offers businesses incredible reach.
When you’re trying to capture the attention of consumers through emails, you need to make sure that your mails don’t get sent straight to the spam folder. Your emails have to be well crafted to ensure a high digital lead generation.
If you nail the