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Why You Should Consider Market Segmentation For Your Company?

Market segmentation is the process of dividing a homogenous market into clearly identifiable groups having similar needs or wants.
It helps you design different strategies to satisfy the needs of different customer groups. A company needs to know what its target market is, and this is where market segmentation comes in handy.
There’s more than one way to approach market segmentation, depending on the nature of the organisation’s goals.
Types Of Market Segmentation

Lifestyle segmentation: Lifestyles vary from person


How To Tap Into Your Target Market With The Right Marketing Strategies

A target market is as a group of customers or buyers that a business aims its marketing strategies and, ultimately, its products at. Your target market is the most important part of planning a marketing strategy.
A target market is a group of individuals who are segregated by certain factors. There are various ways to approach segmentation based on these factors:

Geographic segmentation – segmentation according to region and climate
Demographic or socioeconomic segmentation – segmentation based on gender,


3 Easy Ways You Can Effectively Market Your Email Newsletter

Over the last few years, you’ve undoubtedly heard a lot about the significance of social media marketing, mobile marketing, and the like. The interest in e-mail newsletters has waned.
Many marketers are of the opinion that email newsletter marketing is a thing of the past, and that it “just isn’t relevant anymore.” However, while social media has its glamour and more easily quantifiable returns, email newsletters still find steady use as a credible source of information and curated news.
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4 Simple And Proven Ways To Expand Your Mailing Lists

According to a recent survey, over 91% of consumers use email every day. This means that email marketing still has a large reach and can deliver the conversion rates that organizations are looking for.
As a marketer, you should be using email to your advantage to promote your business. But to do this, you’ll likely need to improve your email campaigns to effectively appeal to your mailing lists.
There are a few sure-fire approaches that you can use to expand

email marketing campaign

Inbox Inroads: 5 Advantages Of An Email Marketing Campaign

Amidst contemporary digital trends, email marketing is a well-established online marketing tool that has proven its mettle and is still trending strongly.
It’s an efficient, direct channel for marketers to reach both existing and potential customers. What else makes it an effective marketing tool?
#1: It Spares Your Budget
Sending emails cost you nothing, compared to other marketing channels like print media or billboards. It’s also cheaper than most other digital marketing avenues.
#2: Profitable Returns
Since the cost of


Micro-Moment promotion encourages the marketers

Micro-moments are moments when consumers’ behavior tells that they want to learn or discover which might later turn into buyers. In this moment decisions are made and preferences are set. Google’s winning the Zero Moment, 2011 has paved the way to micro-moment marketing. Today when we look at our smart phones, we want to know, want to do, and want to buy. These moments are nothing but micro-moment marketing.
Like earlier days, buyers no longer get intimated by regular ads.


E-Commerce Marketing – plenty of ways you can go with

The most difficult part of managing an online store is not situating it up but it is all about how to promote it. There are plenty of ways you can go away with advertising, from SEM, SEO, Social Media and even promotion through videos. But having a firm promotion strategy is essential to succeed in e-commerce marketing and business. The further essential thing is that you require maintaining a balance between your promotion strategies; you do not feel like to keep


Building a community chain through Community Marketing

Community marketing engages the existing customers in an active conversation. It focuses on the needs of the loyal customers and makes an effort to stay connected with them by building a community chain. The connection takes place between customers and the company with the customers. This improves the product operation. At Infinity Intellectuals, we offer our suggestions based on your brand history as to how to create more interest in your customer base and expand your business.
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Wearable Technologies

Wearable Technologies and Digital Marketing

Advanced electronic technologies embedded into the wearable – that is the basic idea behind the wearable technologies. Wearable Technologies are about incorporating the digital age’s new inventions for daily use that can be bets achieved through wearable. It performs practical functions and boasts unique features. Software and sensors enable objects to exchange data with a manufacturer without the need for human intervention. In a 2014 study connected by Forbes, it was found that 71% of 16-24 years group wants wearable

linkedin marketing

Linkedin Marketing Strategies

It is important to understand what Linkedin marketing can actually do for your business. Once you understand that, frame the clear questions and figure out the answers of it pertaining to your business.
LinkedIn Company Page
The message that you want to send should be clearly told the content marketing. Your objective should be at the center of your LinkedIn Company Page and talks about it throughout.
If your focus is on lead generation, you need to include calls to