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Conduct Market Research Using Social Media Platform

Market research proves to a costly and time-consuming affair. In this scenario, many companies have started to take the help of social media which is cost-effective and possess tools for having greater insight into the customers, market trend, branding, and other important market research aspects. The first and foremost thing is to create a proper research plan by understanding the benefits of it. Here are 5 ways to offer easy implementation of social media while you are conducting the market research:

Analyze the trends with various social media platforms

Most social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter offer ways to participate, analyze, and conduct market research. When you search for the latest posts and popular terminologies, you get a clear idea about the emerging trends and observe what customers are talking about at the present. One such example of this is using hashtag searches on Twitter. By corelating a few searches with hashtags that relate to your brand or product, you can receive immediate notifications as and when the customers use key terms.

Understand the requirement of your customers

The factors that you choose to conduct your business and the factors on which the customers give importance might differ. By conducting market research with the help of social media exchanges that tells about your product/service, you can understand those factors and get the customers’ feedback at the same time. You can utilize these factors for an improved and effectiveness marketing efforts. It helps you to be more customer-centric and create your unique identity.


Quick research and result

Traditional market research methods that mostly include surveys are manual and take weeks to months, starting from planning to execution of it. But with the use of social media it can be conducted within a day. Starting from a launch of products to follow-up, every step of marketing can be analyzed to improve your strategy instantly.

Expand the scope of your market research

In today’s digital world, around 80% populations have direct access of social media which enables you a vast audience to conduct your research. With this immense popularity of the social media is due to its flexible nature, thanks to the internet, you can gain better participation, interaction, and engagement. This helps you to get accurate data collection.

Cost-effective method

You would find free tools exist for most of the social media platform which can be used to gather information. This process is much more cost effective when compared to surveys, group studies, etc. The platform also serves as the mode to advertise, building brand and network, lead generation, etc.
It is quite clear from the above-mentioned features that from understanding your customers better to less time consuming to cost-effective, social media is the right mode to conduct your market research. And you get to build your market strategies in quick time following the real-time research and analysis.