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Data Appending and List Cleansing

In any business it is the client list and the client database which is the greatest and main resource.The list not only helps you to keep in touch with your customers, but also helps you to update them on new offers,
new services or new products. You will also have to keep updating the list to ensure that all the phone numbers, addresses, and e-mail addresses are up to date. With E-mails becoming the most cost-effective, fast, and easy way to reach your current and future customers, it is important that you gain the E-mail addresses of all your clients to take complete advantage of your database.

Infinity Intellectual offers E-mail and Data Appending services which help you append business E-mail addresses and missing contact information on your database. Our match till date has always averaged between 60-95%. 150 dedicated and experienced Database Executives and a set of innovative proprietary tools has made it possible for us to achieve high rates of success.

We have a master database of about 40 million high quality business records which are updated regularly. Since we also have the previous addresses and other information, it is possible for us to match your existing database against our master database and update your information.

Our Data Appending and List Cleansing process is carried out in five phases.
  • Data Identification and Upload: In this phase the client identifies the data which needs to be appended and sends to it to Infinity Intellectual.
  • Matching and Enhancing: We match the client database with our master database and enhance it by adding the E-mail addresses to the matched database.
  • Verification: We verify the E-mail addresses for delivery. Our matches generally average at 85%
  • Opt-Out (Optional): This phase can be either carried out by Infinity Intellectual or the client. This step includes sending the message to the E-mail addresses; this message generally provides the addressee with an option to continue receiving communication or opt out if they choose it.
    Reponses are noted for 5-7 business days and then the opt-outs are removed from the database.
  • Download: After the append process, the enhanced database is sent to our clients in any preferred format. This can be downloaded from our website or can also be delivered on a CD.

Advantages of appending E-mail addresses to your existing customer database:
  • Allows effective marketing
  • Expands marketing options
  • Broadens communication channels with your customers
  • Personalizes interactions with customers
  • Extremely cost-effective
  • Helps to introduce and test offers
  • Minimizes costs required for postage
  • To introduce online billing
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