infinity intellectuals

Email Marketing

Infinity Intellectuals offers support for your Email Marketing campaign execution needs, allowing you to focus on your core business whilst working as an extension to your marketing team. We’ll combine our understanding of the data in your marketing database together with our expertise in building campaigns to deliver campaigns to your marketing objectives with optimum results. Campaigns that leverage our expertise and utilize best practice for targeting, contact frequency, testing and measurement to maximize your campaign response rates and return on investment.

Every campaign execution goes through a rigorous testing process including comprehensive link testing and client approval with our expertise. Our team will ensure that every email we build and send out gets to your customer’s inbox intact. The smallest mistake in production or execution can cut your email’s chances of reaching a recipient’s inbox. Images that your agencies have spent hours perfecting could be blocked, landing page links/URL that you have attached to your templates might have been blacklisted somewhere and be a result for emails being caught in spam folders or identified as junk mail.

Our Email Marketing services to send out emails in large volumes are not only for the big companies those who conduct campaigns in millions. Our platform is contented to provide services to businesses ranging from Small, Medium, Large and Fortune or any individual who prefer us to send emails on their behalf.

Our sophisticated platform is compatible for any templates either .txt or .html contents. Your only task is to provide us with the pre-designed Email .html template, Subject and From Name. We will scrutinize the inputs against a spamcheck application to ensure that the campaign we carry is spamfree. In case of any probable keywords that are likely non advised, we will notify you and request you to refine with revised inputs.

Our Marketing Campaigns will be conducted through various dedicated servers that would be toggled with 12-64 IP address. Our CRM has the capability of generating stats featuring the number of sent emails, opens, number of clicks through, and number of unsubscribes. We also provide you with a built-in scheduler which helps you schedule and set the campaigns at the time you wish to start sending emails.

There are no hassle such as Spam Complaints, IP Black Listing, Being blocked by providers, Website removal, Screaming Phone calls, etc. as we would launch the campaigns in an efficient manner as per the guidelines and policies.

Advantages of opting Infinity Intellectuals Emailing Service:

  • Managed Email Campaigns
  • Unsubscribe management
  • Real-time tracking and live reporting
NOTE : E-Marketing services for emails which meant for distributions such as

  • Non-Opt in Lists
  • Defamatory, Hate, Racist content
  • Viruses
  • Copyright Violation
  • Pirated Software
  • Child Pornography
  • or any others that are dubious will be abandoned