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Game-Changing Promotions Through Premium Email Marketing


Your enterprise can be marketed in many ways—door-to-door, print, radio, video, audio, and email. The email marketing campaign has been around for a while, but has retained its reach and effectiveness as a marketing medium. It’s widely used by businesses to advertise their offerings to consumers. The benefit lies in the fact that you can reach out to your customers in a non-intrusive way, irrespective of their location.


Email marketing campaigns let you speak directly to consumers about your brand and what it can offer them. When executed correctly, you can turn leads into potential clients, and the latter into customers. You also increase customer loyalty in the process.

Cost Cutting

Unlike other forms of marketing, email campaigns are cost-effective and have a high RoI (return on investment). It’s significantly cheaper to create the collateral needed for email marketing campaigns. This allows you to reach more people and spend less at the same time. Win-win.

Tag And Bag

Email campaigns are targeted. In other words, only those consumers who have signed up for the mailing list receive your promotional messages. This results in higher conversion rates as existing fans and followers (potential customers) of your brand are kept informed, which leads to a higher likelihood of conversion.

Click To Share

The share option, when incorporated into email campaigns, can only help your messages reach a wider audience. If consumers like what they see, they click to share and your reach stands to expand exponentially.

Gauge Results

Email marketing tools allow you to gauge the effect of a campaign. You can monitor the delivery rate, click-through rate, open rate, customer retention, and engagement. This helps you gain insight into where you’re going wrong. This will help fine tune your marketing strategies.

There are a lot of enterprises in the market today that’ll empower you with premium email marketing features, allowing you to reinvent your promotional adverts. Here’s what you get when you sign up for one:

Additional News

You stand to gain brand recognition if your campaigns are useful to consumers beyond just giving them information about your service or product. With premium features, you gain access to layouts that contain additional relevant content such as news on areas of interest, weather, or trending topics.

Drag, Drop, Send

Premium packages also allow you to build your own email templates without having to code in HTML. All you have to do is select, drag, drop, and hit send.

Timed Promotions

You can supply the right information at the right time through premium email campaigns. These include offers and promotions on special occasions.

Track And Send

With this feature, you can pick up on the behavioural patterns of your customers. To be specific, you can monitor a customer’s purchase and surfing patterns in order to improve your campaigns.

Flexible Data

The data, which mostly comprises of your clients email addresses, can be moved around conveniently and be appended to unique subscription lists.

Analyze Results

The analytics package allows you to monitor rates—click-through, delivery, and open, for example. Moreover, you can manage the data regularly and perform timed clean-outs.

Guaranteeing Delivery

You not only get to send your campaigns through email when you sign up for a premium package, but also avail the benefit of relaying your brand image through print, fax, and text messages.

You’re In Command

As the administrator, you can share data and create multiple accounts with varying permissions. This is beneficial to enterprises with separate business units.

Email marketing has proven benefits over other forms, which is why many businesses over the world employ it for advertisement. One agency offering premium features on such a medium is Infinity Intellectuals Inc. Collaborate with this organisation and take your brand to the next level.