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How to Measure Digital Marketing Success


How to measure digital marketing success?

There is a list of tools and mechanism to measure digital marketing success. Following are some of the tactics or steps that help to create business marketing:

A total number of visits give the clear picture and check if the visits have fallen or grown.  Google analytics shows the total number of new visitors which might increase or decrease depending upon various factors. Another useful tool to measure digital marketing success is the channel specific as it segregates your traffic based on the point of the campaign.

Bounce rate shows what percentage of visitors leaves your website before going through your website properly. A total conversion is one of the most important metrics to measure overall profit that has been achieved through marketing efforts and this is worked out by the Google Analytics that tracks your programs. Lead to close ratio is effective to have a sales follow-up. It divides your company’s total number of sales by your total number of leads and you get the ratio that tells you the success of the sales.

Subscription based service helps to get the customer retention rate. It calculates the average value of a customer. On the other hand, customer value determines the overall return on investment (ROI). A Number of transactions can tell you what to expect per customer every year.  Cost per lead depends on the type of strategy and gives a picture of the average monthly cost for your digital campaigning. ROI shows the profit and compares your cost per lead against your lead to close ratio.

If you frequently check these above-mentioned points, your marketing which is much more efficient.