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Inbox Inroads: 5 Advantages Of An Email Marketing Campaign

email marketing campaign

Amidst contemporary digital trends, email marketing is a well-established online marketing tool that has proven its mettle and is still trending strongly.
It’s an efficient, direct channel for marketers to reach both existing and potential customers. What else makes it an effective marketing tool?

#1: It Spares Your Budget
Sending emails cost you nothing, compared to other marketing channels like print media or billboards. It’s also cheaper than most other digital marketing avenues.

#2: Profitable Returns
Since the cost of investment is low and the probability of conversions is high, it gives you a higher return on investment, which is always welcome.
To this end though, you need to craft appealing emails. Consumers are more likely to click on embedded links or visit your website if the email content catches their attention, giving you a higher chance of conversion.

#3: Streamlined, Efficient Impact
Reach out to a wide range of consumers within a fraction of a second with e-mails. You don’t spend hours Tele calling or sticking stamps on envelopes.
Send real-time messages to promote offers or discounts on special occasions.
Personalised messages on customers’ birthdays and anniversaries are sure to leave a long-lasting impact on people’s minds.

#4: Pinpoint Accuracy
Send emails to people on your e-mail marketing list who have subscribed to only certain criteria (sports or wellness, for example).
Say you have a mailing list full of aspiring bodybuilders who want a certain protein powder. When your selection of protein powder goes on sale, these people are your most important segment.
When you create an appealing mailer and send it out, you reach your exact target demographic and don’t end up reaching out to users who may not be interested. This decreases the number of users marking your emails as spam, preserving your reach.

#5: Measurable Results
Emails provide you with a better way to track consumer response and immediately adapt your email marketing campaign.
You can track the clicks on the embedded links, interest in specific products or offers, conversions, and the number of people who marked the mail as spam or ignored it completely.

Email marketing is a cost-effective and fruitful way of direct marketing online. You can tap into its potential with the help of digital marketing service providers like Infinity Intellectual, and stay on the cutting edge.