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Informatation based Ads – Native Advertising


Native advertising is commonly informative based ads. The brands pay for the placement of content on platforms that is other than their media. This form of advertising manifests both written articles and videos to promote a product. But this has to happen while matching the form and style of other media. This is usually online and the idea of the word ‘native’ suggests the commonality of the ad content with the other media that appears on the platform.

The modern or contemporary formats of native advertising are the promoted videos, images, articles, music and many other forms of media to reach the people. It is commonly used as publisher-producer brand content. Twitter’s tweets, Facebook’s stories, Tumblr and Pinterest with their posts from the alternative examples of modern technique in search advertising.

The real controversy that should be addressed is that whether content marketing is native advertising. The answer is no as in native advertising the content distribution platform is rented. But as the content is highly informative and is meant to reach the target audience, it appears to be like content marketing.

The difference between sponsored and branded content is that the latter is created by the brands for the publishers. It matches the visual design of the experience and these ads must behave consistently with the native user experience and function like natural content and the editorial should match.

Here are the different types of native advertising:

In-Feed Ad Units – These are located within the website’s normal content feed and appear as if it has been written by or in partnership with the publisher’s team to match the surrounding stories

Search Ads – These appear in the list of search results and are generally placed on the organic search results or other favorable position. These ads are sold to the advertisers with an assurance for optimal placement on the search engine result page.

Recommendation Widgets – Recommendation ads are mostly identifiable by expressions which imply external reference, suggestions, etc.

Promoted Listings – These are usually featured on websites that are not content based. It includes e-commerce sites as search ads and sponsored products are considered native advertising.

In a nutshell, native advertising offers uninterrupted and helpful information in a format similar to the other content on the site. This allows the users to engage with the brand more than a banner ad can do. It is always tried by the brands to keep the native advertising very similar to the third-party site’s content. The idea is that eventually the people will see them, view as editorial and mobile branding also takes place.