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Maintaining Data is the Most Necessary Element for Business

data analytics

Maintaining Data is the Most Necessary Element for Business

Data analytics is a crucial area for any marketing genre and when it comes to digital marketing, maintaining data becomes the most necessary element for your business. There are various types of data that are needed to support different sector of online marketing.
As a data analytics provider, we ensure your stability and streamlined information for your business. From Big data to mobile data, from performance data to campaign and product data, the idea of data analytics helps you to generate profit, improve your metrics, and expand your business reach. Simple data management to advanced metrics, data analytics forms the core process to lead your business towards higher success.
Here are some of the performance indicators that should be monitored:

The definite strategies

Figure out the total number of visitors on your website, the average amount of time that they are spending, and the bounce rate. This allows you to keep a track of how many visitors are showing up at your site and how long they are staying.

ROI (Return on Investment)

This tells you which campaigns are running successfully and contributing in your business to grow thereby registering the profit ratio on your investment.

Incremental Sales

This is very important as it actually tells you which of your marketing strategies are turning leads to sales. To monitor Incremental Sales create a sales baseline and then check on the marketing changes. It demonstrates the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Conversions by Campaign

Conversions by a campaign show which campaigns have attained the highest number of leads or sales. This helps you to segregate the performing campaigns to the non-performing ones.

Visitor to Buyer Ratio

This measures the actual number of buyers from the visitors that come to your site. This gives a clear picture of your customer base.

Sales by Lead Source

It shows which leads are generating the most number of sales. It may include search engine traffic, pay per click, social media, etc. In this way, you get know your most profitable sources of leads and spend money at the right platform for ads.


Social Media

By monitoring the social media interactions such as Facebook likes and shares, tweeting, etc., you can get an idea of which marketing efforts are being effective and engaging with the audience.

Finding Keywords

The right set of keywords for your website, especially the first page can be very profitable. You can track your site’s rankings and check which search engine optimization campaigns being fruitful.

Analytics, as we can understand from the following points has made its presence felt in every step of marketing. At Infinity Intellectuals, we follow these simple but very effective rules that prove to be the essential step for online marketing. We also use Business Intelligence software that that looks at your business insight and allocates resources effectively. This is how proactive data analytics can help your business to touch new horizons.