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Mobile is a Revolutionary Medium for Marketing


Mobile is a Revolutionary Medium for Marketing

Mobile marketing is all about paving the way to communicate with the customer base with the help of a mobile or cellular phone. It can either be used to launch a simple marketing message, enable people to visit mobile websites or introduce people to new campaigns that are based on the participation rate of the audience. Mobile marketing is a streamlined version of the traditional e-marketing.

Some of the tools and strategies of mobile marketing are as follows

• Mobile applications
• Mobile internet and social media
• Bluetooth, wireless and infrared
• USSD or unstructured supplementary service data
• MMS or multimedia messaging services

Mobile connectivity allows people to stay connected to the Internet and have the access to the whole world. It is an effective medium to strengthen various communication channels. Mobile marketing strategies are cheaper than the regular modes of marketing a brand. And this is applicable for both the marketer and the consumer. Moreover, this marketing strategy is easy to reach out to almost every age group and engage them in order to sell off the product.

Here are the statistics of mobile marketing that reveals some of the behavior of the international mobile users

• Nearly 43% of the global population has the Internet access now
• Approximately 60 percent or 4.1 billion of the world’s population is composed of mobile subscribers
• Mobile video accounted for 55% of mobile data usage by the end of 2014
• Mobile ad spend will more than $100 billion worldwide by 2016
• There are more than 400 million mobile subscribers in China
• 98 percent of all US handsets have SMS capabilities
• SMS and text service users in the United States are close to 68.7 million
• South Africa is taking the 6th rank when it comes to mobile Internet connectivity
• Email has more than 65% spam while only 10% in SMS

Mobile marketing is a vast subject wherein the industry experts spend quality time to figure out which are the right models through which they can connect with the audience. At Infinity Intellectuals, we plan out how to strategically utilize mobile content like games or videos that will help to spread your message well. When it comes to various mobile media, we carry out a research and analysis as to which mode will prove to be more useful to communicate with your customer about your brand/product/service. For example, Voice message, SMS, and mobile social networks. And we also constantly work on which kind of mobile marketing will reach out to a larger customer base and engage them with your brand.
Be it e-commerce, hotel industry, tourism and travel, restaurant industry, even health, and education, mobile marketing is proving to be a boon to all. The budget is lesser than other modes of marketing, less time consuming and reaches out to a larger audience.