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Programmatic Advertising – Efficient form of advertising

Programmatic Advertising

A new age has offered mankind with many innovative ways to expand and establish better communication along with profit level and lifestyle. New technologies, tools, and platforms are changing the face of the digital media. The online advertising has received a fresh lease of life due to programmatic advertising. It is basically the use of software to purchase digital advertising by using machines and not human labor.

It is an efficient form of advertising. Before the launch of programmatic advertising, digital ads were bought and sold by employees as salespersons which were expensive and at the same time unreliable. This form of advertising is more affordable and more streamlined. Technology is replacing manual work and in the future, you would witness fewer ads that would allow both marketers and sellers get more time to spend on planning.

At the present time agencies are eager to buy a large chunk of media that they possibly can through this channel. Some agencies have in-house teams to handle their programmatic advertising as they spend more of their marketing budgets. This is the trendy way of marketing the online ads. It automates the decision-making process of media in targeting their specific section of the audience. It can also figure out the location according to the demographics.

This is placed by using Artificial Intelligence (AI). According to study, by the year 2018, 50% of the global ads will be digital ads. It can resolve the fragmented advertising industry into one. The super combination of machine-learning technologies and old school marketers’ experience and intuition proves to be a successful way to reach the audience and leave a mark. The machine-learning technologies complement the marketers’ strength well.

Once the information about the campaigns along with the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) is plugged in, the campaign automatically begins from that point of time. The marketers can feed the machine to check from where the low-quality leads are approaching and decisions can be taken according to that. Predictive analysis evolves into ideas to give the ads shape and release in the market.

However, the negative aspect of this form of advertising is the ‘ad fraud’ phenomenon. It is one of the main reasons for many agencies to stay away from utilizing it but there is also a solution to this. Programmatic advertising can identify fraudulent patterns and avoid incorporating them. Through this way of advertising, you can reach your target faster.

It is less time consuming and cost effective. The result gives highly optimized campaign that works automatically. Micro-moments are used successfully to generate as much as profit that can be incurred. With smartphones everywhere people are purchasing from anywhere at any given time. Constraints are less, but the complication for the marketers has increased. This form of advertising can give something to everyone.