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Trends of digital marketing strategies in 2015

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Trends of digital marketing strategies in 2015

Digital marketing is a vast concept and encompasses many areas to cover. For a successful online marketing company, you need to keep with the trends and follow-up to ensure an effective outcome of your business. The trends tend to change from year to year with the implementation of new tools and technologies added to it.

Digital marketing strategies are designed based on these latest trends. This increases the effectiveness of your online business. The three major areas that have been witnessing a prominent rise in the online marketing are firstly content marketing followed by mobile marketing and social media marketing.

High quality and original content

Now, a study tells that high quality and original content will be in high demand with 67% more important in 2015. The purpose of the marketing tools and strategies will become 60% more decisive this year. Communication through videos that also falls under visual content will be more popularized to promote your brand and its products or services. Mobile ads are expected to grow by 48% in 2015, which is good news for all the smartphone users. Google analytics and another form of data analytics including SEO will gain more prominence in the ground of online marketing.

Content marketing an important aspect 

Content marketing has topped the chart as the most important aspect of online marketing strategy for the consecutive third year from 2013. Content curation tool collects, organizes the relevant content and displays it for a particular set of audience. Micro-content or the visual content is easy to understand and pleasant to look at. Over the small span of time Pinterest and Instagram has created its own fan base and audience where the picture does the marketing. Efficiency and consistency are the areas that should not get affected. And for this reason, the content must be well-equipped that travels across every platform of digital marketing.

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Mobile Marketing & Apps

Mobile marketing is growing immensely popular, thanks to our smartphones. The apps act a bit more than websites and are the possible reason due to which many e-commerce companies are closing down their websites and only maintaining the app. Mobile marketing sends notifications and creates personalized communication.

Value of Social Media

Online business is about to experience a rise when it comes to adding value from social marketing. Facebook ad cost and demand are going to increase in 2015. This is due to the fact that Fb has restricted the number of posts and people want to post their ads on Fb due to its reach and popularity. Twitter advertising is to gain popularity due to its more flexible design and the SMEs will be more interested in getting the result. On the other hand, Google+ will become obsolete in the future to come.

Thus, this gives a fairly clear picture as to which would be the major factors to stir up the trends of digital marketing strategies in 2015. Incorporate these aspects in your online business and take your business to a new level. Digital marketing trends not just helps your brand to expand but strengthens your core values and reputation in the market as well as leaves the good impression on the customers.