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Use of Twitter for Online Selling

twitter online selling

Using Twitter is easy and fun and that becomes more so if you are online selling. Twitter can be used in order to achieve a number of things publicly to inform about your products and services.  This is how the opportunities get converted into cash and you get new customers. Twitter is one of the biggest social networks through which millions of people find a common ground, converse, discuss major events and issues. People also conduct business using the website and its impressive list of useful tools. As the idea of the micro-blogging wave has evolved, many businesses and companies have resorted to Twitter to have the benefit of getting more followers and spread the information quickly. There are a number of methods that will help you to sell online better on Twitter without making it obvious.

Strike a deal!

Use the platform of Twitter to launch exclusive deals. Make use of social coupon platform – TwtQpon that offers a fantastic opportunity to boost the sales rate on social networks.

There are three types of online coupons on Twitter that you can create: percentage online, money discount online, and free product in-store.

Twitter Soft Sell skills

  • Create interest among the users through an attractive account

While creating a Twitter account for your company/brand, give it an image by adding a short and interesting description about it. Do not forget to provide crucial information like your contact number, address and email address. Include pictures of the office and the team in a casual setting. The idea is to share information with the users in a way that it seems like they are communicating with real people.

  • Tweet regularly

In the initial days, you should post 5-8 messages a day to keep your account active and let the users notice your brand from time to time. Keep the brief, informative and simple to understand. You can tag others and “name drop” with permission. In the later period post 3 to 5 messages a day. Do not tag people who are not interested in your posts, or you might be at a risk of being labeled as a spammer. Tweet about the company and other casual occasions related to the team, important and fun activities related to the firm, etc. to maintain the account’s personality.

  • Use hashtags

Hashtags proves to be the most effective selling approach on Twitter as it has the power to consolidate other related information about that subject in one thread. Make use of one or two words that clearly defines an upcoming event or related issues. You can also use the search function on the website to look for other existing hashtags. This enables you to attract the right customers who will be interested in your products. You can invite people to join the hashtag in a twitter chat and keep the discussions interesting.

  • Gift away

Do not try to be a hardcore seller on Twitter. In fact, make the generous impression about your company that cares about the customers. Conduct contests, blogs, and other promos to keep the clients and potential customers engaged. Give away gifts, special rewards, etc. to make your account more exciting.