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Wearable Technologies and Digital Marketing

Wearable Technologies

Advanced electronic technologies embedded into the wearable – that is the basic idea behind the wearable technologies. Wearable Technologies are about incorporating the digital age’s new inventions for daily use that can be bets achieved through wearable. It performs practical functions and boasts unique features. Software and sensors enable objects to exchange data with a manufacturer without the need for human intervention. In a 2014 study connected by Forbes, it was found that 71% of 16-24 years group wants wearable tech. Some of the most talked about products that encompass this new age technology are calculator watch from brands like Samsung, Google, Apple, fitness tracker, Google glass, etc.

Here are a few points that can bring about impressive change in your digital marketing techniques:

Enhance the visibility

Make it accessible and visible so that it does not remain inconvenient in audience’s mind. Figure out what are the activities that your potential customers using the phone, cannot do easily. Work on the visual elements of your product/service experience.

These applications should be able to deliver user-friendly features that can make the buyer’s life easy. It should comprise of smart and functional ideas.

Location based wearable

Connect with your customers by taking the leverage on location-based marketing. The minuscule sensors are embedded in the new age smart clothing and accessories that include glasses, watches, and jewelry. Try to read people’s emotions and responses throughout the process of buying/not buying to reactions after using the products. Changeable designs are controlled by the consumer.

Experience and convenient

Combining the refined knowledge of location and emotion with the Internet of Things can solve specific problems and create convenience. With the addition of more and more interconnected wearable the customers would get a wide range of options to pick.

The cab apps, for example, check out what are causing the delays, disconnections, and other discrepancies. You will need to come up with a seamless experience for the customers. Highlight the problematic areas and integrate experiences that include location, emotion, buying stage, activity. Keep it simple and design devices that can solve these issues.

Try to understand the data better

Marketing with the help of accurate data plays an important role as to how the success would be received. Spend quality time to analyze the data and get it most appropriate that suits your model of work. It should be without discrepancies and misinterpretations.

Some of the wearable products that are on the horizon to make a mark soon in this domain are jewelry with advanced functionality that can unlock doors and mobile devices, watches that can show you messages and caller ID, Google glasses etc.