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What is an advertising campaign?


What is an advertising campaign?

Advertising campaigns are about creating themes for marketing of a particular product. The theme needs the same while catering a series of campaigns in different forms of media. The theme gets created in the beginning by the creative team with the help of company’s vision towards the product and market research. This process is called Integrated Marketing Communication. While creating an advertising campaign, the team needs to take into account some of the basic and valuable elements in order make it a success in the market.

Different media channels

Within a specific time frame that is sorted by the marketing team, the campaign must be completed. The most common and effective media channels are print, electronic, and digital of course in today’s time. Digital media has proven to be the most effective way of advertising over the span of 5 years.

An effective combination of online and offline mediums are needed to successfully carry out a campaign. The mediums such as Television, social median, Google ads, newspapers, OHH, etc. makes the perfect combination for online and offline advertising campaigns. At Infinity Intellectuals Inc, we provide you with digital marketing help.

The theme

But before it all start you need to determine, the theme of your campaign. It is very crucial to determine the theme right. It forms the central message of the campaign in order to reach one or more goals. The theme should revolve around the foundation of the brand. The reason of the campaign must be clear – it might be to establish a brand, increase the brand awareness, increase the rate of conversion, or simply to market a product.

The steps

Complete market research – You need to conduct a complete market research that pertains to customers’ demand, competition rate, competitors’ strategies, etc. Without doing this ground work, it is impossible to hatch an effective advertising campaign.

Target audience

Be clear about your target zone and know exactly what your customers are expecting from the brand/product.

Budget classification

There are many factors like the media, film, presentations, documents, etc. Keeping all these in mind, you need to chalk out the right budget for the campaigning.

Theme selection

It is not just about the core idea, but it holds any entire process. This includes the plan till its execution. The colours, graphics, style of writing, forms of media, jingles, voice over, etc. falls in the theme. It is basically the entire story of the advertising campaign.


It depends on the fact that you have rightly chosen the media to launch your campaign. Also, check on the right time of the year. According to the products, the demands would vary in different parts of the world on different time.

Thus, even though it seems quiet fun to be a part of any advertising campaign, there is no denial that it comprises many difficult decisions, hard work, and dedicated team to make it a success story.