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What is Call to Action Selling?

call-to-action marketing

What is Call to Action Selling

Call to Action (CTA) is a selling strategy to provoke an immediate response by using messages like ‘Call now’, ‘Book today’, ‘Contact Us’, ‘Visit the store today’ etc. A simple message like ‘Watch this video’ is the form of the request rather being imperative. It tells the viewer or the audience to purchase a product/service or ask for personal details and contact information. It is a clear way to ensure that the viewers click on the CTA. This converts a user into a lead and finally a customer.

Smaller CTAs forms a pattern of behavior that is quite easy for the audience to follow through. It plays a major role in the digital marketing. In the website design, CTA can be a banner with graphic and background text. The idea if this design is to instigate or prompt a user to click and scan it if it is a QR code and continue the process of conversion rate. The success rate of this process is measured with the help of conversion rate formula that calculates a number of clicks.

Another way to register success is using A/B testing where more than one graphic are presented to the users. The graphic with the highest success rate becomes the design by default.

Since we have started to talk about the design aspect, let’s get into details pertaining to this aspect:

  • CTA and the logo can be of the same color for the viewer to sign up
  • It is important to ensure that the CTA is prominently visible in the design
  • Use more than one color as that highlights the message
  • Give importance to the background color, surrounding images, and the text that works the best for the design
  • The instructions should be simple to ensure higher number of clicks on it
  • The CTA can be created twice in the web banner just to ensure that it does not go unnoticed by the viewer
  • Do not confuse the audience with too much text
  • Design more than one version of your CTAs to identify which design brings better success rate by clicks
  • The message should be persuasive that attracts the viewer
  • Animated GIF can be another way to ensure that the audience clicks on it
  • Pay attention to the design alignment
  • Colors and contract play an important role for the visual impact
  • You can also use various shapes for the CTAs to make it look interesting

CTA may not always be for the reason to sell your product/service. Sometimes it is a way to consolidate your brand image. It is a direct approach to connecting with the customers where messages like ‘Get free health consultation’, ‘Grab the gifts’, etc. play the magic trick to ensure successful Call to action marketing. We at Infinity Intellectuals, provide you with the same. To know more about it, contact us.