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What is Data-Driven Marketing Concepts?

data driven marketing

Data-Driven Marketing Concept

In today’s digital world, data management plays a vital role to strengthen the marketing strategies and understand your customers better. At Infinity Intellectuals, we understand the importance of data and offer you effective data-driven marketing concepts.

The core

We acquire, analyze, and apply information about the customers’ need, behavior, and goals. Various tools pertaining to data management enables your brand or business to get streamlined. This mechanism also allows you to achieve deeper engagement and higher conversion rates. There are various types of data that support different sector of online campaigns and marketing.

The story

If we study the past 5 year’s trends, it would become very clear as to how applying analytics has improved the marketing decisions. But we need to know how to prioritize the right set of data that will make bring positive change in the organization. There are directional and visible trends in the market that occur from time to time and we at Infinity Intellectuals tap into that to bring you appropriate marketing concepts that would prove beneficial for your business growth.


One of the major areas to look out for while analyzing data is to ensure that the better decisions are made and implemented. This is to improve the overall marketing process and boost the key performance indicators. According to the study, use of personalized email campaigns results in 350% higher conversion over a generic copy. Over 50% of the large enterprise that participated in the 2014 Digital Marketing Survey did use predictive tools with manifold success.

Business process

The focus needs to be on the effecting changes with insights informed by data. An important marketing aspect is to prioritize your target audiences by analyzing the customer data.  And it is so crucial because average B2B midsize firm gets 70% of its revenue from the customer acquisition efforts. We use the available customer data to lead the campaigns for up-selling and cross-selling. Link conversion to real revenue demonstrates its impact on the up-sell revenue. Also running A/B test broadens the picture of your client, its target audience, their behavior and we get an idea as to which marketing strategy is getting better conversion.

Maintaining a regular data analytics partner is crucial for any marketing company, especially when it comes to digital marketing, data management becomes one of the most necessary elements for your business.

As a provider of data-driven marketing concepts, we Infinity Intellectual ensure you systematic workflow and streamlined information for your business growth. It gives more than ROI to your company by creating a whole new identity and methodology to ensure smooth functioning of each of your business step.