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What is Integrated Marketing Communications?


What is Integrated Marketing Communications?

It is the process of ensuring that consistent brand messaging throughout the traditional and new age marketing forum. More effective marketing programs and securing maximum ROI are the main criteria of Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC). The link of the messages should be done in sync.

The marketing integration system needs to work together, collect, and share relevant data across the various departments of marketing. Vertical integration means marketing and communication that supports the hierarchy and the company’s goal. Internal integration keeps the team informed about the development plans regarding the strategies, services, advertisements, etc. External integration requires partners such as PR and ad agencies to work together and create an integrated message.

Importance of Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)

  • It develops communication around customers that eventually helps them to understand the various stages of the buying process
  • The company gets to consolidate its brand image and strengthens the relationship with customers
  • Relationship marketing helps to keep your customers loyal even though there would be tremendous competition
  • It increases your company’s profit margin through effective marketing strategies
  • Consistent and consolidated message, reach the mass better and faster
  • It can boost the sales by circulating the messages across various modes of communications that can create ways to make the customers aware, excited, and eventually make them purchase it
  • Carefully linked messages are the strategy to keep the audience interested in your product/service
  • There are timely reminders, updated information, discounts, and special offers that are result of the purchasing process in a planned way
  • Integrated marketing communication makes messages more consistent and more credible
  • So the buyers get peace of mind and shorten the search process
  • Integrated communications present a reassuring sense of order
  • It builds long-term relationships with customers through consistent images and relevant, information
  • Integrated marketing communication helps to save money and resources as there is no chance of duplication in the field of graphics, copy, and photography
  • Agency fees are reduced by incorporating the entire process under one roof by making use of a single agency for it
  • Time gets saved when meetings pertaining to briefings, creative sessions, analysis, and strategic planning are done at the same place, one agency
  • It reduces the workload and the stress levels

Thus, integrated marketing is a closely knitted form of marketing that encompasses the complete model of marketing and makes it work as one machine with multi-purpose roles to play. When every department fine tune and works in a flow, the result is bound to be positive and create brand awareness and mass appeal. This leads to greater profit and elevated reach in the market.