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What is Online Display Advertising?


What is Online Display Advertising?

Since the first online advertisement in 1994, display advertising has come a long way. It includes various formats and contains text, flash, images, audio and video. The main purpose of display advertising is to bring regular advertisements and brand messages to the site visitors.

Social media like Facebook and Twitter, desktop display, and mobile ads are some form of the online display advertising. With the easy access to online content to a larger section of the population, thanks to the Internet, advertising has led to the creation of the online channels that paves the way for it to reach the mass. Sponsored content and banner advertising are the two types of format in display advertising.

Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has created the universal standard for display ad sizes and they are as follows:

Banner: 728 x 90

Big box: 300 x 250

Skyscraper: 160 x 600

Web banner: 468 x 60

Creative and media planner team is responsible for working behind the display ads. The creative team’s role is to use imaginative and innovative ideas in the most effective way to shape up the ads. And the media planner team needs to check the users’ response to sound, image, and motion. They need to be aware of, very single digital aspect and should be informed about the newest technologies. Some of the tools that these team uses are a Google Adwords Display Planner, MOAT, Similar web, etc.

Ad server

It helps to manage display advertisements and through this advertising technology, the ads are administered and distributed. This service is provided to companies that undertake all the ad campaigns. By receiving the ad files, it allocates the ads in different websites. Its responsibilities are as follows:

  • Schedule the campaign date to start operating
  • decide on which ads need more coverage and where
  • Limiting the number of visualization so that the user does not oversee the ad

Different types of ad servers

Ad servers are mainly segregated, among 3 types:

  1. It helps to launch a new ad on a new website by listing the highest ad’s price and registering how many users have reached it
  2. This helps to send the ads in the form of HTML codes to every publisher
  3. The third one is for the ad network and it provides information such as, in which network the publisher is registering an income, etc.