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What is Product Branding?

product branding

What is Product Branding?

Branding is more than your company logo, the products/services that you provide, the messages that you send to your customers, investing a huge amount of money, and many other aspects as we mostly think of. Branding has a strong co-relation with human emotions that is abstract and intangible. You cannot measure, judge or put a number against it. Good and effective way to carry out the product branding tactics includes very basic but genuine human aspects.

I am going to take away the and technical and financial aspects that are obviously involved in the process, but let us try to understand how an average brand differs from the greatest global brands.


Having the right idea is very important when you are building a brand. It is an obvious thing that you would be having competitors but how well you can different your brand from your competitors should clearly reflect in your idea.


As I was emphasizing earlier, human emotions do play an important role to get attached with your brand. It is proven that there is a psychological phenomenon that connects the customers with like-minded brands. They can relate with them and continue to maintain a strong relationship with their favourite brands.


You cannot go haywire in promoting or sending the brand message to your customers. This creates confusion and eventually they lose interest. So design your themes, ads, campaigns, and everything that pertains to branding in such a way that a flow is maintained.


In this changing world you afford to stick to one game plan and sustain forever. So with the changing time you need to find the balance between change and consistency. Add new packaging or bring in a fresh lease of life to the old brand by adding a bit of vibrancy that can find new customers as it continues to sustain the loyal ones. The idea is to sell the same wine in a new bottle.


Yes, it is an abstract noun. As spoken in the beginning, there are certain elements that you cannot judge or measure, loyalty is certainly one of those elements. Once you have established a brand and got a foothold, there would be a flow of loyal customer who keeps coming back to your brand because they like what they get. They love the brand and remains emotionally attached with the product/service that they buy from you.

Other than these fundamental attributes, there are a few more areas that you should give special attention are creativity, marketing techniques, and, of course do the competitive analysis. If every product branding strategy that is mentioned gets carried out religiously, there is a high chance of your brand to become a global face. The idea is to bring the brand and consumers on the same platform and connect them through effective advertising approach. Make use of the digital marketing and create a more vibrant result.