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What is Subscription Marketing?


Subscription can definitely boost your business. It is a business model where customers need to pay a subscription price to have the access of a product/service. Pioneered by the print medium of newspapers and magazines, now this idea is widely used in digital marketing. It builds brand loyalty and allows the recurring sale.

Keep the focus on your people

Have a careful look at how many customers you can reach and retain. The business runs because of the customers and their subscription can prove to be extremely crucial. Retaining their loyalty can give you the consolidation of your brand status and expand its reach. It is more important for a long-term goal. The idea is to build a community of loyal customers.

Owning your customer

Understand your customers well and then design the subscription form. In that way, you would determine the success story of your brand. Get to know them better because that will lead you to win the Subscription Economy.
When it comes to pushing the customers to their own platform, you need to understand which tools, offers, and methods can work effectively to engage your customers with you directly. The idea here is to provide some value to the customers that turn out to be unique and other competitors are not providing.

Build a strong customer base with free subscription

This makes more sense when you are starting a new venture. Give away a free subscription to build a strong and loyal customer base. This will help you to understand what customers want, how you can deliver it in the best possible way, and more importantly, you will know on which products they are willing to pay.
The growth of the subscription marketing has demonstrated to upgrade businesses and instigate the consumers to purchase the product/service. In order to gain success you need to understand your customers’ requirements and in the beginning, it might include a free trial.

The different types of subscription marketing

Paid subscription

In this model, the customer has to pay for the monthly or annual basis. The fee and the newsletter reach out to both the parties through online transaction. It also allows defining readership statistics.

Non-paid subscription

This is given away for free because this model usually does not involve specific target audience. This is mostly done to create a fresh customer base that will help to consolidate the brand in the future.

Controlled subscription

This is mostly determined by some kind of survey and is used extensively in the digital marketing.
At Infinity Intellectual, we incorporate all these aspects in our model of subscription marketing. When you come to us, be assured of receiving the best of digital marketing experience.