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What is the difference between marketing & PR?


What is the difference between marketing & PR?

What is the difference between marketing & PR? Marketing is the process through which products and services are of effectively packaged or promoted and later sold or distributed. The marketing companies basically perform the role of the distributor to reach out the goods to the consumer from the producer’s end. PR (Public Relations) on the other hand builds better relations of the brand with the customers through media coverage. In this way, the reputation of the company gets boosted and the brand gets good publicity.

With the effective implication of both these forms of media, companies gain a lot of revenues and upgrade its brand name and identity in the market. At Infinity Intellectual, we provide you with customized online marketing services and reach your product/service to the mass.

The focus area

Global marketing is a phenomenon that helps you to grow your business irrespective of its size or genre of the industry. It focuses on its existing and potential customers by building the sales rates. It is analytical and majorly concerned with the sales. Marketing is the way to generate leads and influence them to purchase the product by implementing various strategies.

PR focuses on the company’s image and they are more concerned with the public view that also includes stakeholders such as the investors and the media. PR involves the media coverage that includes newspaper, radio, TV, and social media to build positive relationships with the people.

What is does

Marketing sells various companies’ products/services and builds the sales rate. Its approach is creative and innovative in order to reach out to the mass. For example, use of creative content and campaigns to package the products and draw the audiences’ attention.

PR is entitled to develop and maintain company’s reputation and relationships with the market. Its technique of promotion is very traditional. Unlike marketing, it follows a traditional path to cater newsworthy information to the mass.

Freedom and constraint

Any form of business enjoys complete freedom in marketing starting from branding to messaging. It is a paid media that charges thus there is a financial investment for its promotional activities.  On the other hand, PR does not have any control as they have depended on the media for it. So sometimes the story might not go go as anticipated. This is free coverage that is collected through social media and journalists.

So both the forms of media are used to boost companies. One helps to generate more sales and the other strengthens the company’s reputation and provides a better understanding to the people. At Infinity Intellectuals, we bring you effective marketing techniques. And social media is the platform that brings both these media closer and makes them work hand-in-hand. The corporate goals are achieved with the help of both marketing and PR, but the approach and the outcome are different.