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The most used form of business communication now is E-mails. Every single person now has .....

  • Marketing Promotions
  • Membership Communications
  • Educational Course Description

In any business it is the client list and the client database which is the greatest and main....

  • Allows effective marketing
  • Expands marketing options
  • Extremely cost-effective

Infinity Intellectual provides E – CAMPAIGNS services for clients’ with limited time or resources to send.....

  • E-mails are delivered into major ISP’s
  • Firewall protection to all servers
  • Personalised feel for the recipients

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Infinity Intellectuals Ebook - An Elementary Introduction to Email Marketing 2013

Infinity Intellectuals, one of the top rated email marketing experts in the world, has confirmed the launch of a new ebook - An Elementary Introduction to Email marketing 2013 for beginners and young marketers.

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Isn’t connecting with your target audience and improving your client base the first rule of business success? Well, Infinity Intellectuals helps you in correctly implementing techniques to achieve the above objective.

Connect to people, collect and update your database, and establish business across business networks with our services. Our Email Marketing and Database solutions help you optimize your business performance and also provide you with support required to improve your business processes.

We provide you with targeted lists based on your requirements in any geographical setup. Our email marketing campaigns can help you gain more customers and contribute positively in the growth of your business. With our data solutions you can improve both your marketing and sales processes and thus help you in introducing new products to your customers, gain more customers, establish great business relationships with your existing clients, enter new markets, and scan new business prospects.

Infinity intellectuals understands the fact that the well-established network, be it customers, business partner, suppliers, or competitors, is very important to run a successful business. Our customised services hence focuses on people and processes required to optimize the efficiency of your business. Global reach of our clients being the main objective, we have complied information on enterprises and consumers around the world. Our database has over 20 Million US Businesses and 120 Million US Consumer information. The quality of the information provided is proven by the outstanding results achieved by our clients’.

Create powerful marketing campaigns, identify your audience, and achieve conversions by communicating effectively with your audience, clients, and partners.


  • Infinity Intellectual is the most responsive list supplier we have ever dealt with.  Inquiries sent to them .... 

    Luhdee Garcia
    Managing Director
    I-Audience Ltd

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  • We had a very positive experience, the quality of the data is very high and was exactly what ..... 

    Sonja Markova
    Managing Director
    Keiretsu Forum

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  • I am very happy with the service that Infinity provides, very efficient and the quality...

    Melissa Bartholomeo
    Account Manager
    DWA Pte Ltd

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  • Infinity Intellectuals have provided quality and accurate data on a consistent basis....

    Adam Sommerfeld
    Managing Partner
    Commodity Capital Partners

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