What Our Clients Says

As per the Global can-spam polices, sending an unsolicited email is against the rule and people around world are anxious concerning their email address to be private and they often wonder when they receive an email from any anonymous sender. So we conduct an Opt-In process to find out if the contacts in our lists are OK to receive messages and promotional offers from any third parties.

Opt-in is a kind of permission taken from the contacts to solicit them. Therefore, if a person sends messages to the permission based contacts, they would not be spammed. We are very stringent towards maintaining the database and respect the privacy of the contacts in our database. We manage and eliminate all unsubscribed and opted-out emails effectively within 48 hrs of notice and the email/contact that is been requested to be removed will never be added again into our sales platform. Since all the contacts in our lists have given consent and approved to receive information, there is no harm in sending emails with marketing offers.

We usually require 1-2 business days to pre-qualify the list before processing the delivery.

Check (either Mail/FedEx), Electronic Wire Transfer, Direct Deposits through Check/Cash, PayPal for orders below 1grand.

Our 100% qualified emails and white listed servers help us hit 99% deliverable messages and our sophisticated CRM generates stats featuring Opens, Clicks through, Unsubscribe, Bounces, etc. and we can also produce a Database Management System [DBMS[ that details the info of openers, clickers, unsubscribed, etc.

We have private platform with dedicated emailing servers in house from which we usually conduct email marketing campaigns on our client’s behalf, through the fastest, effective & most efficient delivery mechanism. Our specialized Servers & sophisticated CRM generates stats report featuring the outcome.

Infinity Intellectual Inc have a dedicated team of dedicated experts who constantly compile/verify and update the listings. Our phone verification team frequently calls the contacts in our lists to validate/update the information like titles, address, company sizes, etc. We also, email these contacts to verify and validate their willingness to receive information form third party marketing and promotional mailings.

E-mail Database Qualification Phases:
– Sourcing the information
– Update contacts with full/missing details
– Remove Typos, errors and inappropriate fields
– Qualifying by phone calls with appropriate info
– Email the contacts to get consent/opt in
– Eliminate unsubscribed and opted-out contacts
– Suppress the lists against the Global Database of potential screamers, spam haters, etc.
– Pre-qualify lists before order delivery
– Ready to be used!

Infinity Intellectuals assure 90% on our lists. If our lists don’t meet the guaranteed level, we can replace the discrepancies/invalid names with fresh names.

Our generic pricing methods are custom. Cost per contact would vary depending upon the quantity and selections. (Prices can only be proposed on request for valid inquiries)

Our Lists comprise complete info such as Company Name, Website, Contact Name, First Name, Last Name, Title, Email address, Telephone number, Fax number, Postal Address with Street, City, State, Zip code, Country, SIC/NAICS Code, Industry Type, Annual Sales Turnover, Employee Size, etc.

Infinity Intellectuals Inc have a dedicated team of experts who constantly compile lists from over 10,000 Global sources like Networks, Affiliates, Strategic partnerships, Registrations, Yellow Pages, White Pages, Online Directories, Public records, Leading Business Magazines, Newspapers and Company Newsletters, Corporate & Executive registers, Postal records, Surveys, Questionnaires, Census data, Voter registrations, Telemarketing efforts, Mail & Telephone inquiries, Re-seller Programs, Telephone directories, Rebate coupons, Subscriber order forms, Warranty card registrations, Entry forms, Credit & Financial data, SEC listings, Institution information, Conferences/Trade show/Seminar attendee registrations, Government records, Pay-per-clicks, SEO, Retailers, Catalogs, Destination Sites, Online Communities, Associations, and Trade Publications, NCOA & ECOA Certification, Opt-in email responses, Publishing companies, Internet, and all information derived from proprietary, self-reported, other major sources. It is obtained legally and ethically under strict list industry rules, regulations, and guidelines.

We being database providers, we are responsible for maintaining the authenticity of a mailing list in our database and we update the contacts everyday and we gather information and conduct mailers with various topics on weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and quarterly basis.