Data Enhancement

Data Enhancement

If you’re an organization or an enterprise, you know how imperative it is to record data of your customers, vendors, and prospective connections. However, with the constantly changing and evolving marketplace, the quality of data you accumulate might prove to be worthless, with issues like duplicate data, wrong phone numbers, inactive email addresses, and much more.

Optimizing your database with the latest updates is crucial for a business for fluent marketing, seamless customer service, and significantly improving response rates. Infinity Intellectuals always scans, verifies, and adds on to your data to keep it up to date, so you don’t have to face any hassles with your operations.

Collect - Analyze - Convert

Get certified and crucial information about the top decision makers in your target industry. Custom and completely updated data from Infinity Intellectuals will help you propel your growth, sales, and conversion rates!

Data Cleansing

Data cleansing is perhaps one of the most important processes for any marketing professionals. Keeping your marketing database updated and clean is what keeps your marketing efforts healthy and rewarding. Business data accumulated can decay in short periods of time and keeping the database unattended might make it worthless. Infinity Intellectuals brings in a new flair to deal with this problem statement. We validate each record or key pieces of information in your customer or vendor files with precisions through automatic matching process from a master database. This helps in flagging any incorrect or not updated records, so we can update them with fresh data.

Data Verification

Data migration, ignored databases, and much more are a very common occurrence in any enterprise or organization. Battling this internally can prove to be a huge hurdle for anyone. Hence, the data verification process is a major bottleneck for many businesses. But outsourcing this mundane, but important task to Infinity Intellectuals can help you in saving up a lot of time and resources, and in the hands of the experts in the field, you’d never have to worry about missing out on any pieces of information in your data. Constant validation of the data and fresh updating is what we excel at, and what brings our clients additional profits!

Data Profiling

Adding value to your already existing data can multiply your chances of acquisition and growth. Data profiling is a process that involves focusing on your core industries, and elevating your data’s quality with end-to-end data intelligence and comprehensive research. Imagine running a marketing campaign knowing the history of your targets or key demographic, which involves data points such as company history, customer history, preferences, and much more. Personalize your efforts of garnering customers through Infinity Intellectuals’ smart data profiling solutions, and see a significant increase in your customer and lead acquisition.

Data Appending

Opening up new channels of communication and connecting with a multitude of new leads is what drives the marketing of any business. But keeping up to date with all the email listings and social media information can prove to be a complication for businesses. With Infinity Intellectuals, you can be assured that our data cleansing for your customer databases leads to a healthy and streamlined email appending. With an ardent data developers department, we make sure to cover up all nooks and crooks of your database, and keep in under constant supervision for updating. Enter a world of worry-free data appending with Infinity Intellectuals.

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